Hero Man Risks His Life To Save Cat Stuck On The Edge Of A Building

Not all heroes wear capes, and not just firemen can save cats from trees.

These two men noticed that this cat was stuck on their neighbors balcony about 30 feet from their balcony. Now as most people might do you could go and knock on the neighbors door, perhaps wait until they got home if they weren't there, you know, not scale a multiple story building in order to get your cat back who is in no immediate danger.

This guy said screw that! I'm going to get my completely safe cat right God d*mn now! The people living across the way got the whole thing on video, enjoy the confusing spectacle below.

The guy getting over his balcony's perfectly good safety railing.

The kitty cat was returned completely unharmed and luckily the guy didn't fall to his death.

Many questions remain unanswered with this story. Who was the man? Why did he need to go down the side of a building to get to the cat? What did the cat think of all of this?

We will endeavor to answer these vital questions.

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