Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies So That They Can Come And Have A Look At These Hilarious Comics

Are you a crazy lady with about 20 cats running around your house and covering you with their fur? No? Well, it's okay if you are, no one is judging, in fact, it sounds like heaven to most of us, but if you're not it's still cool you will get there in a few years!

But what I'm actually getting to is that we are cat lovers and everything our cat does is so cute even if they are busy destroying the new leather couch that you just bought a week ago. So, that is why we tend to talk about them 24/7 and brag about them to our friends and families.

And then when you realize there is someone designing comics that is a perfect representation of your life, you just absolutely have to see it! Well, there is and her name is Yasmine Surovec.

She is a pet parent to one dog and three kitties and she uses these comics to show everyone what the struggles of cat life are like. Scroll down and enjoy!

The perfect soul mate!

The instinct to save every kitty you see

There is always a cat under everything

So true!

Love is sometimes painful

Can someone tell me what's the deal with the boxes?

Welcome to a cat lady's house

The days all cat lovers live for

Nobody can resist them

Yeah, they don't really care

They never want to sleep somewhere comfortable

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