These 10+ Hilarious Cat Expressions Will Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

You know those people that have "open faces"? You probably don't know what I'm talking about so let me explain. Sometimes a person has an open face and that means that they can't hide their expressions or their feelings on their face.

It's like they are very easy to read and you will immediately know what they are feeling. Well, that's how cats are! They have these hilarious and sometimes sad expressions on their little face that tells you exactly what they want and need.

And sometimes they even depict how we actually feel. That is why this list of 20 hilarious cat expressions was put together to show you what you look like in the morning before you had your first cup of coffee.

Scroll down and be prepared to relate to these kitties! 

2. When you need to go into the office early

4. When you need to shield yourself from stupid people at work

8. When you realise it's Friday!

12. The moment you realised you had too many and will be sporting a hangover tomorrow

13. When you're so hungry you will eat anything

16. When you know you are cooler than the rest

17. When you farted and know you might just die from the smell

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20. When wine is life!

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