14 Most Hilarious Cat Tweets To Remind You Why You Love Cats

It's a known fact that cats own the internet but they often have specific platforms where they dominate, and one of those platforms is definitely Twitter, people are obsessed with cats so it's only logical that they would tweet about them, and there's plenty to tweet about since cats are so unpredictable and their life might seem boring most of the time but when they decide to spice things up it's usually the best thing ever, and totally tweet worthy

1. A brand new world

2. It's not even my cat and I'm proud of him

3. It's the undeniable truth

4. He's meditating

5. I'd rather be a cat

6. OMG this is perfect

7. Cat science is always the best

8. It's obviously broken

9. Why is it sooo grumpy


11. This cat's life is better than mine

12. You made the right choice

13. He's obviously the one

14. Too sassy for lie

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