Cattos and Doggos Not Living In Harmony When Their Owners Thought They Would

We've all heard the stories of cats and dogs being mortal enemies but that has never stopped pet owners from bringing both into their homes and creating uniquely blended families!

In fact, the dream family almost always includes at least one of each but for pet lovers absolutely everywhere it can be impossible not to bring in a few extra. While some dogs and cats get along just fine, others... not so much. And even when they normally get along there are definitely still some bad days to be had. We all know that our pets have personalities and emotions similar to that of our own so it's no surprise when one of them gets a little testy. 

Of course, that doesn't stop us from finding humor in rough-tough days and that's exactly what we're getting to laugh at today! These pet owners found out the hard way that their cats and dogs were not always going to get along.

Well that's poopy.

Apparently the cat was just a little mad at the dog today.

Halt, who goes there?

"Hooman, I am disappoint."

I think it's safe to say that this cat is extremely disappointed in her human's affection for the dog.

Well, that escalated quickly.

It started out so sweet...

They don't play nicely...

That dog showed the cat who is boss and we can't stop laughing.

No time like the first time.

This owner said her dog just met a cat for the first time and they stared each other down for a solid ten minutes. Impressive!

Not a boop!

"This is my bed, cat."

And the lightweight boxing champion remains...

Now that paw is one mean left-hook!

Passive, much?

That 56lbs dog is not willing to take on the 6lbs cat. Cats are impressive that way.


Children are afraid of boogie men, puppers are afraid of kitties.

Toying with the dog's emotions.

She purposefully stands in the dog's water just to mess with them. What a sassy feline!

"I'm a dentist, I swear."

Playing make believe the pet way!

Who wins here?

Cats usually look out for each other but this situation was pretty unique. I certainly didn't see that ending coming!

Everybody was kung-fu fighting!


Did not expect!

Everything started out so simple and sweet... then it all went crazy.


Look at these doofus pets going at it!

"I am not amused."

What priceless facial expressions these pets have!

"Protect me, hooman!"

That 80lbs dog is terrified of the little fluffy kitty smacking his little snout.

His face says it all

He's given up on trying to stop this.


We wonder what the cat does when no one is looking to get that facial expression on the pupper.

"I'll get you some day."

That is a look of pure determination.

When you get a new dog...

The cats seem less than pleased about the new family member.

Whose bed is it anyway?

Everything belongs to the cat.

Those fluffy jellybeans are doing that doggo a scare!

This is reminiscent of me around spiders.

What a bully!

That kitten sure was cute. What a rude dog!

No one wins here

Even though the dog is sitting on the cat, he doesn't look happy about it.

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