These Hilarious Signs At Vet Offices About Cats Are Spot-On

Anyone who specializes in a specific field is liable to have an enormous sense of humor about what they do. This is probably largely related to humor being a great defense mechanism for stress, because no matter how much you love your career, there's always going to be stress factors involved.

Being a veterinarian is a fascinating job. It takes anywhere from 7 to 9 years from start to finish including an undergraduate before going to veterinarian school and people who choose this path are diverse animal lovers. However, veterinarians are vulnerable to compassion fatigue courtesy of moral stress. So, to our main point: you gotta de-stress somehow! What better way than to turn your signs into epic puns? The cherry on top: cats. Cat puns are purr-fection!

1. Cats do love the meowseum.

Just take these two cats for example, they've been trying to sneak into this Japanese museum for a very, very long time.

2. This must be a particularly tough competition!

3. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

4. I support this message.

5. They're visual types.

6. They might be interested in video chatting though.

7. Make sure it's quality litter.

8. I, for one, welcome our cat overlords.

9. A cat's purr-spective explained.

10. Ba-Dum-Tiss! Nobody likes a cheetah!

11. This just makes me smile, honestly.

12. Lap it up.

13. Who doesn't appreciate barf jokes?

14. Surely, you've got to be kitten me.

15. Cat's got your tongue? They can help.

16. Preach?

17. And toe beans, glorious toe beans.

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