The Funniest Cat Memes On The Internet Today For You Right Meow

Cat lovers know that the funniest part of exploring the Internet has been memes about cats, it's been that way for a long, long time. Heck, even people who don't love cats are inclined to enjoy a casual chuckle at a silly, funny, or even downright hilarious cat meme.

Cats are such diverse and unique creatures while simultaneously being capable of having enough purr-sonality traits across the board that almost everyone, ever, who has interacted with a cat even once can relate to and laugh at a joke about cats and kittens. It helps that they're also some of the fluffiest, cutest, and sweetest critter companions one could ever ask for. So, for your humor and viewing pleasure today, I present you some of the funniest cat memes on the Internet!

"What's so interesting out here, hoo-man?"

I do hope it was fascinating.

Look closely.

I don't know what to be more excited about, the baby or the kitten!

Fluff in the Puff

The purr-fect hiding spot.

Halloween done right.



The real inspiration behind the animated sensation.

Master of Disguise

Hiding in plain sight.

"I can see you but I can't get you, I don't understand!"

Poor little kitten, so confused! So precious.

Ready to pounce!

Beware the butt wiggle.

A conundrum.

The fat and the fluff got stuck.

Simultaneously Smart and Stupid

I'm both impressed by this cat's clever tactics and excessively amused by how silly he looks with the food in his cone.

Soft Banana, Cuddly Banana

Everyone needs a cuddle buddy.

A prickly situation.

Dear cat, you could easily get yourself out of this situation.

Prepare to be bit!

That is definitely the face of a cat ready to nom some tootsies.


Don't even try to argue, you know the meme is right.

The Many Faces of the Cat

Who knew a pair of spectacles could be so entertaining for both the cat and us?

Cozy Scarf

I want to know what this level of comfort feels like.

Meatball the Majestic

I'm just trying to figure out if the best part is the look on his face or the fact that his name is Meatball.

Awww... so...

Oops, I can't stop laughing.

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