A Huge Collection of The Most Hilarious Cats On Snapchat

Cats are skilled entertainers. Don't believe me? Look back in history. The Egyptians were obviously enamored with the frisky felines! And since the Internet launched cats set their aims high and grew with exponential popularity as suddenly their skills were easily shared from local communities to worldwide communities.

Today, an entire day is dedicated to cats on the Internet (it's called Caturday and it's incredible,) and their mark on virtually every social media platform is undeniable. You don't have to look far to find Instagram cat celebrities and there is just about every kind of page imaginable for cat fanatics on Facebook. But the awesomeness does not stop there because in the last few years cats have also managed to completely take over Snapchat, a photo sharing app that is the purr-fect platform for funny cat photos and videos.

If you still have doubt then just keep scrolling, I guarantee you'll laugh out loud.

1. Like a BOSS

They call him Kingpaw.

3. Setting a trap for a cat...

It's easy.

5. Purrfect

Don't you love it when the stars align?

7. "This party was all about me!"

9. It's a bit cozy

Unrealistic beauty expectations?

11. What even are cats?

Incredible climbers, for one.

13. Big Kitty, Little Tent

It's an epic story.

15. Surprise Kitteh!

Sure, this guy gets cats at 5:30am, why do I get spiders? I'd rather have cats.

17. Thirsty and Dumb

No better way to live life as a cat.

19. 5 minutes with no attention?

That's heresy.

21. He wants his blankie!

I am not crying. I am not crying. I am... crying!

23. Gotta send photographic evidence

The crime scene is usually cleared up so this was absolutely necessary.

25. Clash of Culture

Who wore it better?

27. Bad idea! Bad idea!

Everyone tries it once. But only once.

29. Who needs mice and birds?

I prefer leaf-cat.

31. So great.

Can't wait.

33. Cat Man.

Man Cat.

35. Toasty

I am impressed.

37. RUDE

That is one tolerant cat, though.

39. Goals

Cats give zero f****.

41. I'm impressed.

That's one clever kitty.

43. Art

Absolutely purr-fect art.

45. Walk like an Egyptian


47. I'm pawsitive of one thing:

This is adorable.

49. She's always making an exciting statement when she leaves the room.

I mean, all cats do, but hers is undeniable.

51. Maximum Relaxation Achieved

If only we could be as relaxed as this kitten.

53. He's the hero we need.

He's also the hero we deserve.

55. She got curious

I don't blame her.

57. This is why Christmas is magical.

Cats. Cats are why.

59. A masterpiece of fluff and love.

It's magnificent.

61. Wife Wins

Cats win. I love it.

63. "I was not prepared."


65. "We got a WHAT?"

What a happy surprise!

67. Next time your kids ask you where kittens come from...

You can show them this photo of comet kitty coming to planet Earth.

69. Potato Boss

Someone has to be.


"Mah! What is this?!"

73. Started in the bushes, now we're here.

Purring in the warmth of love.

75. Doesn't this make you want to see police cats?

I want to see cats everywhere.

77. Cat Pile

Love it.

79. He missed you!

"Can... can I come back?"

81. This can only end well or bad.

And if it ends bad it will be very, very bad.

83. "Tell me a story!"

Sitting purrty.

85. "I belong here."

Cats think they belong everywhere.

87. Kung Fu Kitty

That's a movie I would watch.

89. Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl

And food, of course.

91. Power Paws

They stop each other from making fools of themselves this way. It's brilliant.

93. Waiting for food

This is the most melodramatic thing I think I have ever seen a cat do.


I'm inclined to agree.

97. Cats claim everything for themselves.

Especially things purchased for babies.

99. Purr-fect

Tops of cars are great places to sunbathe, to be fair.

101. What is THIS?

Cat, "am I some sort of joke to you?"

103. Koala Cat

I'd love this, personally. Wouldn't you?

105. Smells like love.

Kitties love rice.

107. Battle Kitty is ready for battle.

This is a whole new level of cool.

109. Look at that sneaky face!

100% mischief.

111. Only the freshest water for my kitties.

This is a smart cat, honestly.

113. "Paper Shredder"

Why aren't all paper shredders this cute?

115. Start 'em young!

That's the way to guarantee a life long love of cats.

117. A bug?

I hope it's a bug.

119. "Nooooooooo!"

What a disgrace.

121. Insert evil laughter

This will show them.

123. Dogs and Cats

This summarizes their relationship pretty purr-fectly.

125. I wish!

What I wouldn't give for a cat  bigger than my house...

127. Purr-fect Placement

Kitties love purr-fect placement.

129. The beginning...

Of a life of love.

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