These Hilariously Crappy Designs Are Some Of The Most Entertaining Things On The Internet

There are a lot of designs and designers out there, and unfortunately, a lot of them are not really that good, but even though they happen to be that way, people are still using them considering that in a couple of rare cases, these designs happen to be compatible with some people's odd tastes. 

Because of that, the rest of us have to suffer whenever we stumble upon these really mediocrely thought of designs. But this time, some of these design fails were not exactly intentional, which made the whole thing really hilarious and made it much less painful to observe.

1. Good luck breeding those two

2. Seriously? You're still not sure about that -_-

3. Hell yeah! Quit School kids!

4. Beautiful, just beautiful

5. Grab her by the...nevermind

6. That's a you have there

7. They need to make this movie

8. No thanks, I'd rather do it in the bathroom

9. Mirror ceiling, whoever designed this deserves an award

10. Those are flowers, yep, definitely flowers

11. It's slow children hunting season

12. So basically me, thanks

13. Oh god

14. He doesn't look very grateful about it

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