Selfless Homeless Man Sells Limes To Feed Stray Cats Before Himself and Gets a Make-Over

Loong Dum lives a pretty tough life. As a homeless man living at a train station in Thailand, Loong's only family are the stray cats he feeds and cares for.

Every day, Loong sells limes on the street in order to buy food for the cats. Quite often, he doesn't have enough money left over to buy food for himself and he goes hungry, however his cats are always his first priority. To him, they are family and he isn't going to let them down.

“I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cat needs to eat,” he said.

Loong's story went viral after a woman named Warunya Wattanasupachoke, saw him selling limes with a sign saying " 20 baht per bag, profits will pay for stray cat's food expenses."

Many people were touched my the story.

As Loong's story made the rounds on social media, many people offered to help him by bringing him cat food and supplies.

Some even took him to get a haircut and new clothes.

But even so, Loong insisted on returning to the streets to continue selling limes because life without his beloved cats would be meaningless.

“We shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance,” Warunya said.

“Take Loong Dum for example. Though he is homeless and rugged-looking, he has a big heart.”

Loong's story has proved to be a source of inspiration to many in showing compassion and love to those in need.

We could all learn something from Loong's kind heart!

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