People Are Paying Tribute to Lil Bub, Who Sadly Passed Away, With Their Beautiful Artwork

Philanthropist and cat extraordinaire passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, December 1st, 2019. Her presence on earth for 8 years proved a gift to countless folks far and wide and more importantly, countless special needs pets.

Lil Bub was born with a rare disorder, feline dwarfism. Due to her condition she maintained a petite kitten like appearance her entire life. As her life neared its end, Lil Bub dealt with a few health conditions as well. Despite that, she was as happy and wonderful as any other cat, if not more so! In her time advocating for other cats, Lil Bub raised almost $700,000 for special needs cats.

Today, the Internet pays tribute to her memory.

A tribute.

With Grumpy Cat

"Good job, Bub. You made the world a better place."

Sleep Well.

Good Job, Bub.

Angel Kitty

She did the best job.

"She returned to the stars today."

Cross stitch Bub

Watching over us now!

We need more Bub

RIP Lil Bub

A true star.

The Best.

"Rest easy, sweet girl."

Beautiful Bub

"You reminded us all of the capacity of small creatures to have a big impact on this earth."

We love you, Bub!

Do something nice in memory and celebration of Lil Bub.

Together, we mourn and celebrate Lil Bub. Leave a comment below!

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