How To Choose The Best Breed Of Cat For You

It's an exciting time for you when you decide to welcome a new cat into your life, you're about to get a new best friend! However you shouldn't just run out and pick up the first cat you see to bring home with you, it's important you do your research on the different breeds of cat and how their needs will impact your lifestyle.

For example, if you live in a tiny one-roomed studio on the 8th floor in the city you probably shouldn't go out and get a Maine Coon.

Luckily this small guide is here to help you out! 



First of all think about the breed of cat that you want to get, and think about whether it will really work with your lifestyle, your family, and your home. If you're on the fence or leaning towards a no you should always start with a different breed, and if you really want something demanding like a Maine Coon in the future be ready to change your lifestyle to accommodate them.

It is always better to have a cat that will enjoy your home and lifestyle rather than have one that looks like the cat of your dreams but causes you nothing but trouble.

Below a list of some of the best selling cats in America in 2017, this will you give you an idea of what's popular but also an insight into their typical looks, behaviourisms and personalities, and it might help you decide what feline fits you best...


Exotic Short Hair

A relative to the Persian, the Exotic shorthair often has the looks of a Persian cat but comes without the hassle of the long fur coat.

This medium-sized cat comes in a range of colors such as white, black, blue, red, or cream, and is known to behave well with both cats and dogs.

Its coat is short and dense, good for those with allergies to fur and with its easy-going nature, love for attention, generally playful personality the Exotic Short Hair is a cat that would suit life with a family.

They are good indoor cats as they are known to be lazy and prefer to cuddle with people or lounge around rather than destroy things or become hyper. They're also known to be a very friendly cat and enjoy having company or a companion rather than being left alone. These cats should be kept as an indoor only cat.



This cat resembles the look of cats found in Ancient Egypt, but its exact origins are currently unknown. An Abyssinian is a small/medium-sized cat with high levels of intelligence and curiosity that put it always on the move, climbing and discovering things, otherwise becoming destructive if bored.

The colors for this cat are red, blue, fawn, and ruddy and though they aren't known to be snuggly lap cats they definitely love humans are good with people, other pets, and visitors you may have in your home.

Due to the natural athleticism that this cat displays they tend to enjoy spending long periods of time exploring outdoors, however, because of their exotic breed they are often at risk of cats diseases from other cats or being stolen for their beauty.

It is recommended that you either keep your Abyssinian indoors permanently or otherwise create a large outdoor fun for them to play in safely.



You will never be lonely if you have  Burman around, for these placid cats are known for their vocal tendencies and a chirpy sounding meow. Their coat does not mat and needs minimal attention taken to it but they are more than willing to enjoy a nice brushing session if it means human attention.

These cats are large in size and become overweight easily so you'll need to watch how much you feed them, and make sure they are enjoying a playful adventure throughout the house as well as getting lap time and naps.

The Burman is known to be a lover of both people and animals and is highly affectionate, active, and social.

A Burman is active in ways that it likes exploring and therefore should have a range of toys to play with, but this stunning cat is best kept indoors for its own safety.

As they are a large breed you'll need to make sure you have room for climbing trees or places for them to hide and have their own space, even though most of the time they'll want to be cuddled up with you.



This is a cat that has truly stood the test of time, being just as popular now as it was when it was first seen in the palaces on Queen Victoria. They are laid-back, medium to large cats who enjoy grooming sessions and playing affectionately with their favorite human.

Their fur needs constant care and brushing to prevent mats, and often need their eye cleaned, or to be bathed to keep their beautiful and clean.

They can be wary towards new visitors in their home, particularly those that dislike cats, but overall are a great cat for the home of a family, as they play with children well and enjoy the constant attention.

The Persian colors range from white, cream, or black to more uncommon colors such as chocolate, blue, or lilac.

The Persian is a cat that should be kept inside for its safety and can live well in both a house or small apartment as long as they have space to go and hide when strangers become too much for them. They don't mind loud noises or crowded situations and will accept love of any sort, be that human, cat, or dog.


Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a cat under much demand, they're cute, cuddly, and absolutely massive in size which, let's face it, makes them so much cuter. These cats are highly social creatures and are confident in how they communicate with humans, using a wide range of meows, chirps, trills, and squeaks.

Though they are known to enjoy a good snuggle they are not overly demanding cats and would do well in a house with multiple cats or dogs (which might be more their size.), they will need a relatively strict grooming regime to take care of their long, shaggy coat so make sure you have the time to spend taking care of one before jumping into it. Unlike other cats, these cats take a liking to water.

They enjoy adventuring as long as it takes minimal energy and like all purebred cats should be kept indoors for their safety. These cats are large and will need room for themselves, especially if you have multiple pets, so consider the amount of space in your home and how it works for you before you bring home this super large feline friend.

If you feel like you're living in a shoebox your Maine Coon will fill that way too so be certain that your home or apartment will be big enough for the two of you to have your own space if you need it, or space for your cat to comfortably hang out in if they don't feel like seeing your guests.



This odd looking cat has been in the running for most affectionate breed more than once because they're lack of fun means they rely on humans to keep the healthy more than other cats do.

Their furless bodies are what attracts people to them because no fur means no trouble for people with allergies, but it also means that they build up layers or oil on the skin and need weekly bathing to deal with that. They are a medium-sized cat that comes in the colors blue, white, chocolate, and cinnamon.

Sphynx cats are good with other cats and dogs but generally prefer the company of their humans, whose attention they will seek with playful and quirky antics and the need to play. 

These cats should always be kept inside a home that can be temperature controlled as they rely on humans to keep them healthy and warm, and will climb in your bed with you to snuggle through cold nights.

They need a lot of human care and though energetic will suit almost any kind of home or apartment because of their slim build and adaptable nature.



Ragdolls are one of the most well-known breeds in the world, they are known for their gorgeous coats, loving and docile personality, and the habit they have of literally flopping into their owner's arms much like a ragdoll. These cats are large and semi-long-haired felines that come in a wide variety of colors.

Much like the Maine Coon, the Ragdoll would love to join their owner in the shower, the bath, or while watering plants as they adore water. They are playful, easy going, cuddly, and easy to train - known to learn their names easily, learn to fetch and to come when called.

Despite their size, they are also recommended to be indoor cats, they can go outside as long as it under strict supervision, and if left outside alone are known to suffer from loneliness and boredom.

They are not street savvy and much prefer the love and comforts of an indoor home, and due to their nature would suit any sized home or apartment, so if you're looking for a companion for your city studio this cat might just be for you!


Lastly... Moggies!

Moggy cats, otherwise knowns as cats who aren't of pedigree, are just as important as those that are! They come in a range of shapes and sizes, colors and temperaments, but as long as you treat a cat with love and respect your cat is sure to love you right back.

Moggies are not defined with a blueprint of how to act or who they love like the cats above, but, they are small enough to be suitable for any household, can be introduced to kids, other cats, and dogs, and will find their place in your home just like any other cat.

The Moggie is a cat of mixed or unknown breed, so you'll always be surprised with what your cat looks like and what kind of personality they have. Because Moggies usually come from street cats or wild cats, they are more adept at spending time outside if you wished to have an outdoor cat.

Remember, all cats love receiving love and attention so even if you let your cat spend time outside they should always have toys, beds, food, and their own space indoors. This helps to remind them that the lovely house they have with you is their home.


All the cats mentioned above are brilliant animals with their own personalities and traits that will make you love them, and hopefully one of them is right for your home.

Remember when looking to get a cat to check your local shelter first because all breeds of cats end up in shelters, and you might find your new best friend waiting there for you, rather than from an expensive breeder.

Good Luck!


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