How To Make Your Own Cat Toys (Part 2!)

That's right, we couldn't just stop after one article on this topic, there are so many great ideas for home-made cat toys out there and your cat will love all of them, so here is "How to make your own cat toys" part two!

Prepare for more simple and cheap creations that will keep your playful cats entertained for hours on end, and keep them from destroying your curtains when you're not around (We're just kidding, your precious angel would never do something destructive like that, right?).



The Irresisti-ball:

Let's start off with something super simple, a ball for your cat to chase and bat around made out of some of the most common things in any household - a cardboard toilet paper roll.

All you need for this is the toilet roll, some scissors, and if you're feeling extra creative, a marker. Start by cutting your cardboard into 4 equal width rings and congratulations, the hardest part of this project is done.

Now take two of your rings and place on inside the other, so that you have a kind of 'X' shape where the two rings cross. Insert the third ring into the 'X' shape, it should now look like an asterisk.

Because the rings are all the same size they will hold the shape of the ball without any glue holding it together, and if it were to come apart it's super easy to just slide it back together.

Finally, a ball that your cat can't break! 

Add in the last ring of cardboard and now you should have the full shape of a ball! This is where you can take your marker to the ball and decorate it to fill your every desire, or at least make it look a little prettier.

And that's your ball done! Make a bunch to drive your cat crazy with happiness, or make just once because they could play for days and days with just one of these Irresisti-balls!


Puzzle Bottles:

These were briefly mentioned in the last post about cat toys but they're so simple and so much fun they deserved a bigger segment.

You can use any kind of bottle or container that your cat can bat around easily, they need to be able to shake it enough to get their treats out!

These toys are great because they give your cat a reward for playing nicely, they keep their attention for hours, they help them learn, and even promote weight loss.

For one of these toys, you'll need treats, some catnip (optional), a cutting tool, and your container.

Let's say you're using a soda bottle as an example (though when I made this for my cat I used a Pringles can and it worked great!).

Take your bottle and fill it with your treats and catnip, then cut small holes in the bottle large enough for the treats to fall through but not so big that they all fall out without any effort.

You'll need to show your cat that playing with this toy gives them a reward, so if this is your first time making one of these for your cat try using a clear bottle so they can see the treats inside waiting for them.



Party Makers:

This one is a cool toy that gives you an opportunity to bond with your kitty. Every cat likes a toy that's attached to a stick, it makes them want to chase and catch something, and test their natural hunting instincts.

This one requires an empty treat packet, some tape, scissors, and a long, thin cardboard tube like the type you'd find on a coat hanger, but any old stick-like object will do if you don't have that type of roll on hand. 

Cut your empty treat packet lengthwise into long, thin strips around one centimeter wide. You want long ribbons of plastic that your cat can play with.

Next, lay out a piece of tape and stick your ribbons to it side by side all the way along until you've used them all. Make sure to leave some tape free on each end to stick onto the cardboard and hold it in place, start from one end and roll the tape around the roll until you have a big tassel made of ribbons!

Your cat will love the variety of moving things around it as they play and it's the type of toy you can run around the house with, toss back and forth, and really hype them up with because you don't have to worry about it breaking. 


Fleece Spider:

We're back with the fleece! Cats love fleece and it's great to work with when making toys for them because it's cheap and easy to find at a craft store if you don't already have some old clothes made from it lying around in your home.

Not only that, but it's not the type of material to fray, so you don't have to worry about loose threads getting their teeth or claws stuck, or worry that they'll eat it and have it cause a blockage in their bowels (because trust me, if there's a loose thread lying around you cat will attempt to eat it.). 

This project is really simple, you'll only need your fleece, a hair tie, and some scissors. Cut your fleece into strips around 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Then, one by one tie your fleece onto your hair tie until it's covered the whole way around.

And there you go, you have a fleece spider! Making these on a hair tie is more fun than any old plastic ring because you can fling it across the room for your kitty to chase after. 

These are handy to make a bunch of to keep aside for your cat. You could make a lot at one time out of one piece of fleece and a pack of hair ties, and it's also a good activity that you can do with the family and have everyone involved with making something your cat will enjoy.

If you're looking to donate, sell, or give away cat toys this is also one of the best options, because every cat loves something they can chase and share with other cats.



So there you go, there are a bunch more ideas for homemade toys for your furry friend!

All of these are super easy to make in just a few minutes of time and could keep your cat away from your curtains for days or weeks on end, but better yet they're almost absolutely free to create.

Now you can make a big box of toys for your cat and give them different ones every day, mix and match their favorites, or leave the whole box out for them to explore, it's really up to you. 


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