Understanding Your Cats Behaviour 101

As much as you love your cat, chances are you aren't understanding half of the things they're trying to tell you. It's easy to know when their meowing and crying means they're hungry, but anyone can understand that without much difficulty, it's the strange things they do that might just seem silly or annoying to you that are actually sending out big fluffy messages.

Sure your cat might be just attempting to get as much attention as possible, but as quirky as you feline friends are they, like all animals, have a reason and method behind almost everything they do, so if you don't want your cat sleeping on your laptop every day you'd better know why they do it and how you can make life a little easier for the both of you!




Cats scratch for numerous reasons, and although you may find it frustrating when your furniture is torn up you shouldn't discourage a cat's scratching completely.

Your pet needs to scratch at things to remove the excess layers of their claws, to stretch out their bodies and flex their feet and claws, and most of all it's their way of leaving both visual and scent markers on their territory (for those of you that don't know cats have scent glands on their paws).

You don't want to discourage this instinctual behavior but to help your cat keep themselves out of trouble try supplying them with different kinds of cat poles, houses, or boxes for them to scratch.

It may take some time for you to find the texture they like to scratch best but rub some catnip on their new toy and they'll leave your curtains alone before you know it!


Licking themselves

The act of a cat licking itself is very important for many reasons, starting with distributing their natural oils over their fur, helping protect them from lingering dampness and seals in their body heat.

Cats sweat a small amount from their paws but unlike humans, do not sweat from their bodies, so licking themselves means their saliva is there to evaporate and help control their regular body temperature (grooming controls around 1/3 of their cooling ability!). 

Not only this but a cat's tongue is covered with rough barbs, and much like a hairbrush they stimulate the cat's skin and help improve their circulation. As well as grooming themselves, cats are very social creatures and will spend time grooming each other (or their humans) as a sign of affection.

Think of it as a kiss from your kitty-cat.



Bringing In Dead Animals

There are many different theories as to why cats bring dead animals inside for us humans to see. Firstly, not eating the creatures they catch but playing with them instead is usually just to show off their trophy.

They don't need to eat because they're already fed well but they want to show off their natural hunting ability and let others know that even though they don't need to hunt, they can should they have to.

The next theory is highly debated, you cat could either be bringing it to you as a gift out of affection or a means to help you survive.

They know that humans are not good hunters and therefore use their social nature to teach others in their community how to hunt, kill, and survive. They also may just be bringing you their food so that you can store it for them for later. You look after all of their other food, so why not their kill as well?



Cats enjoy playing in objects like boxes, washing baskets, bins and pretty much any cave-like object simply because they feel same. They are sneaky animals who like to stalk and watch the outside world from a point where they think nothing can be watching them back.

They enjoy having the ability to shoot out from a hidden spot to quickly attack, before retreating away to be hidden again.

To keep it short, boxes make them feel safe. They know the enclosed space keeps them hidden away and safe from an ambush from their sides and behind, while offering them something fun to watch from without being bothered, because let's face it, have you tried coming face to face with a cat in a box? It's all claws and craziness! 



Pooping in the Open

Again there are two options here, either your cat could have a UTI (urinary tract infection) and might be having trouble making it to the litter box in time to go. If you think your cat is having problems such as this it is important to take them to a vet and get them checked out ASAP.

It could also be that your cat just doesn't like the litter box you've prepared for them. They like a clean box with plenty of litter to dig through, so make sure they've got that and you should be fine!

Unless... You've recently annoyed your cat to the point where it needs to display its dominance in the household. Spend some time with your cat and show that you love and care for them, otherwise if the stray poop is in a housemates room, get them to show the cats there's no reason to be angry or jealous toward them, and if they build a good relationship the awkward toilet trips should stop.


Sleeping on your Laptop/TV

Easy! Your cat loves the attention you give them when they're in your way! They love everything about sitting on a laptop or television, they're large and flat, super comfy, get them some of your time, and most importantly, they're nice and warm!

Cats need around 12-16 hours of sleep every day, that they take in a series of short naps, and your running TV or laptop is a nice warm place for them to hang out and get some of that all-important shut eye!

If they're really in your way and you need a solution try getting a heating pad and putting it under their soft beds, or on their cat tree. That will provide the warmth they crave as well as somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep.

If they still want to hang around try putting their bed next to you, or in reaching distance, so that you can give them a nice pat whenever they get restless, and that should keep your feline happy.


Showing their Butts

Don't think of this as something bad! In fact, your cat showing you their bottom is one of the ways they transfer their scent to others and confirm stronger bonds with other cats and humans!

Not only this, but it is the cat returning back to their days as a kitten when their mother would clean their bums, so really it's a way of telling you that they see you as a parental figure! It may not be the prettiest way to say they love you, but trust in your cat, and enjoy the butt show!



Hopefully, this has helped you understand more about why your feline friend does the things they do, and remember, don't get mad if it's inconvenient or frustrating, it's the only way your cat knows how to communicate with you, you just need to learn how to read the signs!

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