These Fuzzy Kitties Have The Same Facial Expressions That Humans Do, And It's Got Us In Our Feelings

As humans, sometimes we plaster exactly what we are thinking all over our faces.

I know that I am one of these people. I never mean to, and most of the time I don't mean anything by it. But it's safe to say my friends and family know better when it comes to certain situations.

What can I say, I'm an open book.

Cats however, are the exact opposite. It's rare that you can detect how a cat feels based solely upon their facial expression. However that is definitely not the case with this crazy felines, they're far from being inscrutable! Take a look, do you relate to any of them?

1. It can't be... Can it?

2. I will do WHAT NOW?

3. Arrrgh!

4. It's the truest of true.

5. Definitely is.

6. Everything moved so fast!

7. The bed is just so, warm.

8. I will get my revenge for this!

9. Whoops!

10. We must be.

11. Let's play a game of, how long can I hold it.

12. It could always be better.

13. Then lathered in warm syrup.

14. Uh... I dunno!

Oh kitties. <3

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