If You Need A Way To Keep Your Indoor Cat Mentally Stimulated, These Four Pieces of Advice Might Help

Indoor cats may look like they are perfectly content with just chilling in the house, but they need some mental stimulation as any other pet. 

Some cats instinctively prefer to be inside and need to be animated with meaningful activities that would develop their brains, keep them engaged and physically strong. Pet owners can contribute immensely to their pet’s wellbeing, and one of the ways is using some activities or games to prevent your cat from becoming stressed or bored. An idle mind is a devil’s playground.

Here are some ideas that will help you keep your cat mentally stimulated and happy. 

1. Good old Interactive cat and mouse game

Domestic felines are very skillful hunters, so it’s no surprise that they enjoy games that simulate hunting. They love activities that play on their predatory instinct, so why not take five or ten minutes out of your day to enjoy a cat and mouse game? Take a rubbery toy that looks like a mouse or bird, attach a string to it and tease your cat with it.

But don’t make it too easy for them, when they get near, pull it away from them. When they eventually catch it, reward them.

2. Get a good scratching post

To reduce stress, workout, or let off some steam, cats like to scratch. If you don’t have a dedicated item for them to scratch at home, they will use some of your furniture for scratching. You can buy a scratch post for your cat, but it is probably cheaper to make it yourself; a solid wooden log will do the job. Use Sisal fabric to cover it, and you’ll have scratching pole for your cat.

3. Play hide and seek using their food

Cats like hunting, so it’s a good idea to bring some dynamic to their eating routine by combining a game of hide and seek with their meal. Hide the food in several spaces around your home and let them hunt for it. It will give them a bit of workout, pamper their predator instincts, keep them amused and fed. When you start doing this, guide your cat along the way so that they understand where to find their meal.

4. Cat toys are important

You should buy toys for your cat regularly or keep a toy box with various toys that you rotate. If you always have same toys in the box, cats can get bored with them.

Wand toys are the best solutions because you can make them yourself with rope, a clip/stick or you can buy them. Don’t leave your cat unattended with a wand toy because they could get entangled with the rope, which could be hazardous.

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