10+ Insanely Adorable Cats Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Sometimes what we all need to make it through the long days and even longer nights is a seemingly neverending supply of cats. The purrscription for happiness: kitties. There isn't a cat that's ever existed that I didn't love, and if you're also a huge kitty cat fanatic then you are in LUCK.

Every day people share photos and videos of their precious felines and you're missing out. That doesn't feel right, does it? It's because it is not right! You deserve access to the cutest cats all the time and that's what we are here to help with: more cats. You're welcome!

1. "Lil guy."

s m o l

2. Resistance is futile.

3. Clearly.

4. "Good morning, sun."

5. Fostering fur babies is the gift that keeps giving.

6. Let me love you.

7. "My new cat likes to lay and watch the fire before he goes to sleep."

8. "Meet Poof"

Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

9. Sweet, sleepy, sugar-puss.

10. "I think he has a quest for me... should I approach him?"

11. Cats make visiting extending family members 110% worth it.

12. "Asking for pets."


13. The cutest teefers I ever did saw.

14. You gotta do what you gotta do.

15. A bouquet of fluffy jelly beans!

Don't forget to share the happiness with all of your cat loving friends!

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