These Two Very Special Rescue Cats Defied The Odds And Now Inspire Thousands Of People Every Day

Social media is a fascinating place where people can be their best or their worst. In one corner of Instagram there are some incredible humans rescuing and raising incredible animals, and that's where our story today takes place.

Miss Mira the Miracle has a name worthy of the life she's led. She was born on August 13th, 2017. At four weeks old Mira, her mother, and her sister were all suffering severe respiratory infections and so they were all brought to Tara's home... a sombre decision. They were brought to her home to pass peacefully and quietly in the love of a home with a caring human instead of a cage. Sadly, Mira's sister passed after only two days but Mira? She was a fighter.

Tara told us that Mira, "was born with twisty front paws (Radial Hypoplasia) and Cerebellar Hypoplasia, and prominent upward grin."

She weighed a mere 4oz and was syringe fed for months.

Tara talked to me about how hard Mira's first 6 months of life were:

"She was syringe fed for months along with steam baths and nose cleanings to keep her airway clear. She actually stopped breathing a cpl times but I got her back! She became constipated which prolapsed her rectum (which thankfully healed quite well) then had months of diarrhea."

Yet Tara never gave up on Mira and Mira never stopped fighting.

She is still here 3 years later, although it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Tara said:

"She has chronic resp infections causing asthma for which she now uses a puffer. She also has some undiagnosed sight issues."

However, Tara emphasizes that Mira is "living her best life!"

Which is easy to see. She also added:

"With all of these issues though she’s doing amazing!"

Officially a veteran of special needs cats, it should come as no surprise that over time Tara found another special kitty to help. Meet Mickey.

9 month old Mickey was first spotted by Tara on... Instagram!

Ellen Carozza, a veterinarian technician that only handles cats, shared Mickey on her Instagram account. That's where Tara saw him.

Tara told me, "I instantly fell in love, felt I could give another special cat a home so applied to adopt him."

But it wasn't super-duper simple, there was a small barrier to overcome:

"I’m in Canada and he was in the US but adoption was successful! On October 17th a volunteer flew him from DC to Toronto!"

Mickey has something called "Manx Syndrome."

According to Wikipedia:

"Manx Syndrome" or "Manxness" is a colloquial name given to the condition which results when the tailless gene shortens the spine too much. It can seriously damage the spinal cord and the nerves, causing a form of spina bifida, as well as problems with the bowels, bladder, and digestion.

However, do not be fooled. That has definitely never stopped Mickey.

In fact, Tara told me all about this frisky feline:

"He’s my devil child, every family has one. He’s fearless, has been from day one. He can go up and down stairs, except the basement ones as they’re wood. Can get down no problem but can’t get back up."

The mischief with this #minipanther never lets up.

Tara shared:

"A few months ago I came home from work and couldn’t find him anywhere until I heard his cries from the basement. Now he does it cause he knows I have to go get him!"

This is clearly the face of a mischief maker.

Of course, it's not like Mira is without her own busting purr-sonality!

Tara told me:

"When she first came to me, my dog Paco was her protector. He’s literally stand over her an whine if he saw her fall down. When she started moving around and playing she played with him by biting his ankles! Now he still protects -from 2 feet away"

Several years in, Mira has a lot going on and it's all fun:

"She turned into a ninja, flipping and flopping to get where she wanted and sometimes I’d lose her! She’d start in a cave and end up in a tunnel across the room"

Tara guides Mira through therapy sessions where she wears braces and practices standing.

She has made amazing progress and Tara is always really excited to share videos of how great Mira is doing on their Instagram.

Mira's got a great sense of adventure, too. Her favorite toys are "cat caves, tunnels and blankets."

Tara told me:

"Through the day she’ll pop from one to another. Loves blanket play any time of day."

And the caves and tunnels are purr-fect for Mira.

Tara explained:

"Because she has sight issues she can’t really play with regular toys, or catch them because of her mobility but she loves the things she does have!"

Of course, Mickey has quite the fondness for expressive play!

Tara laughed and said:

"His favorite toy by far is a little scratching post with dangly toys. He spins around that thing like he’s pole dancing"

Mira Fun Fact:

"When she was a baby she started sticking out her tongue and forgetting it was out. She still does it all the time!"

Here is her momma showing her the blep ropes:

She also said:

"She’s very facially expressive, more than I’ve ever seen in another cat. I think because she doesn’t have the mobility she uses her face instead ❤️."

And it's not that Mickey isn't expressive, it's just that he has two modes.

Tara said:

"He has 2 expressions, mad and surprised. Most of the time his eyes are bugging out of his head like he’s shocked."

She also said:

"His back legs don’t work, just dangle the the side of him so he uses his front legs to pull himself around."

Mickey is a ball of delight considering the hardships he still faces because he has Manx Syndrome.

Tara explained why he wears the diaper because of Manxness: "He needs bladder expression and leaks poop so wears a diaper."

It may seem silly to see a kitty wear clothes but they do serve a purpose, helping keep his diapers in place and thus keeping Mickey healthy and happy.

He IS mischief, a naked butt means there's a diaper somewhere.

"Occasionally you’ll see him use his back legs to “pop” himself up on or over things. A couple months ago he started pulling Houdini acts and getting out of the diaper and leaving little snail trails around the house. Don’t know how he does it but sometimes takes a while to find them!"

His second favorite toy? Legs.

Tara said:

"He also has a thing for legs. No matter if it’s me or one of the animals, when walking by he’ll just swat at the legs and trip you up!"

Mira and Mickey have a special bond, too.

Tara said:

"When Mickey came home to us, he and Mira bonded immediately. They snuggle all the time ~it’s the sweetest thing 💗"

Learning more about Tara and her special cats has been a pure delight.

Tara said:

"Bringing awareness to special needs pets is now so near and dear to my heart. They are truly amazing beings, never give up, and so inspirational to me. "

We wholeheartedly agree.

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Mira's Instagram * Mickey's Instagram * Mira & Mickey's Wish List

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