Introducing: Jawo and Lily, A Dynamic Kitty Duo You're Going To Fall In Love With

Jawo and Lily are thriving in Stockholm, Sweden where they are living the good life as beautiful, photogenic domestic cats. Jawo, who just celebrated his 3rd birthday, is a Birman, a breed that is also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma." Lily, who is just a tad over 1-years old is a British Shorthair, rocking the iconic color known to the beautiful breed.

Their Instagram account is filled with absolutely exquisite photos of two very beautiful cats, but once drawn in by their beauty, what really keeps you in is their stunning purr-sonalities! We got to know the pair recently when we chatted with their human and we're super excited to share delicious tidbits about the frisky felines we've been delighted to follow for some time now.

Birman Jawo

We asked Jawo's human how they came to cross paths and she said:

When I moved from the northern Sweden to Stockholm I had to leave my beloved cat with my parents. So after 3 months in the new city the abstinence after a cat was too big. So me and my bf started to search for an indoor cat and found Jawo, he is a Sacred Birman.

She continued:

At that time he was only 5 weeks old and we took the train, it took 10 hours round trip, to visit him and the breeder. The day Jawo turned 12 weeks old he moved in with us and it’s the best day of my life!

BSH Lily

But what about sweet Lily? She said:

When Jawo was 2 years old we decided to have him a sibling, someone who could keep him company when we are at work. We found the breed “British shorthair” and their personality and behaviour was exactly what we are looking for. And they are the cutest little teddy bears!

She continued:

We wanted a kitten in the colours lilac or blue but it took me weeks to find Lily. Once we found her we took the car and visited her and the breeder. When she was 14 weeks old we took her home. Lily and Jawo was best friends from the first time they met. They have never hissed, clawed or fight with each other, which I’m happy for!

Jawo is definitely one-of-a-kind, too!

A fun thing with Jawo is that he always bumps his butt against our legs when he show us love. Not like other cats who rubs their cheeks against you.

On Instagram, Lily's human is proud to boast about her purr-fectly precious cat, and we can't hold that against her!

Lily is the kindest cat I’ve ever met. he have never ever bite, clawed or hissed to anyone or anything. She let us do anything to her. Bath her, cut her claws, Car rides, take her out in leash even if she doesn’t like it that much. She is a true angel that cuddle my leg every night.

Lily also used to be a show-cat, but she stood out from the crowd for a very unique reason. Her human told us:

Lily was a bit crazy when she was smaller and didn’t want to sit in the cage. So while every other cat on the show was sleeping or chilling in their cages, Lily was hanging with her claws in the roof and was screaming so so much. I can tell she got the most attention of all cats they day.

Since Jawo is such a sweetheart, we had to ask if he'd ever done anything especially naughty! Cats are notoriously mischievous creatures, and we are naturally curious about their disposition. His human told us of the one time Jawo surprised them with his spunk:

The naughtiest thing Jawo have ever did is when my auntie was babysitting him (me and my bf was on vacation) he squeezed himself out of the window who barely was open. He jumped out in the snow and my auntie found him one block away, eating from a bush.

Super Special!

Jawo is a super special cat. I’m not even sure he is a cat. He loves to take showers/baths, he scratches the door when he wants to go out for walks in leashes so we take him out every day for a walk, he put his paw up in the air when he want treats and he always sleep on his back with a pillow under his neck (he snores also).

The water-loving, snoring Jawo is also particular about his toys:

We have bought so many toys to Jawo, but the only thing we want to play with is an old rope. He goes crazy every time I give it to him.

Speaking of toys... what toys does Lily love? Well, she's the exact opposite of the particularly picky, Jawo!

Lily love toys. She like small balls, ropes and feathers but her absolutely number one is toys with catnip.

British Shorthair cats are very famous, and the breed is one of the most ancient cat breeds known!

Jawo and Lily's humans love to celebrate their kitties, and it's not hard to see why.

They are beautiful cats, packed with purr-sonality, and their Instagram is definitely one we encourage you to follow!

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