30 Times Cats Were Publicly Shamed By Their Owners For Being Jerks

We all love cats. I mean, come on, what's not to love? They are adorable, sweet, playful little beings that provide us endless amounts of joy. But let's be honest. They can also be jerks!

These tiny fluff balls can easily deceive us with their cute faces and wiggly behinds. But we all know if there is an inanimate object sitting on a table, a cat will find it and knock it off for no reason. The same cat will also almost definitely wake you up at 3 am to be fed.

Sigh. But alas, we still love them.

Instagram account @cat_shaming has provided cat owners with a place to name and shame their fur kids for their bad behavior. The account has thousands of examples of jerks of the feline breed.

Scroll down to see some of the best!

#1 My Cat Is An A**Hole

#2 Is Something Burning?

#3 What?

#4 Get A Cat They Said. It'll Give You Cuddles They Said.

#5 My Cat Likes To "Help"

#6 Don't Be Fooled

#7 Fat & Happy

#8 She Likes It

#9 Every Time

#10 You Have No Proof It Was Me, Human

#11 If I Fits, I Sits

#12 Oh, The Embarrassment

#13 My Heart

#14 I Is Pretty!

#15 Selfies

#16 My Cat Loves To Vacuum

#17 Why Did It Have To Be The Chanel?

#18 I Hate My Cat!

#19 My Cat Hates Me

#20 Don't Let Those Eyes Fool You

#21 OMG

#22 Ummm

#23 FFS

#24 My Cat Is Toilet Training Herself

#25 Why?

#26 This Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

#27 Butter Wouldn't Melt In Their Mouths

#28 Battle Scars

#29 WTF

#30 Seriously?

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