Juno The Angry Cat, A Cat With Better Hair Than Most Humans You Will Ever Meet

Juno, the 6-year-old Himalayan mix cat - also known as 'Juno The Angry Cat' on Instagram - has some pretty incredible hair. His hair is so majestic, in fact, that his human recently decided to start styling it in different ways for photos, much to the delight of his hundreds of thousands of Insta followers (182k to be precise).

Juno's silver mane and grumpy facial expressions are truly something to behold. Scroll down to see for yourself! Juno's brother, a Himalayan/Burmese mix named Lord Leo and his pretty little sister called Havana, also have their own Instagram accounts respectively, filled with cute kitty pics just like their famous brother.

How You Doin'?

I Am Not Amused

You Think You're So Clever Don't You?

Come Back Later, I'm Napping

Bed Hair, Don't Care

Not Happy

Horns? Where?

You're Kidding, Right?

Fluff Ball

That Mo' Though

Who, Me?

Who Dat?

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