Piper The 'Kit Cat' Is A Purrfessional Instagram Model And We Love Her

The era of Professional Instagram Influencers is upon us and sometimes it's a bit cringe-worthy. However, there is one demographic we honestly cannot get enough of.

The animal variety. Heart-eyes ASF. We love seeing perfect pets prance around showing off the good-goods. They tell us which snacks are delicious by licking their chops.

They show us how quality bandanas and bowties look fabulous. They play with toys and snuggle in beds and they never let up on the cute factor, they've maximized it.

That's not to say some aren't cuter than others and that's one of the reasons we are particularly obsessed with Piper. Her fur looks soft and her eyes pop with intensity and she is clearly an all around sweetheart.

If anyone gets our nod of respect as an Instagram Influencer, it is definitely Piper.

Well hello, Piper!

One year old Piper is living it up in the Pacific Northwest.

We caught up with her family recently to get to know her a little better!

We asked how their journey together began:

I was looking through my local humane society’s website and I saw her picture and instantly fell in love!

They also said:

I could tell from her little pink spotted nose that I needed her in my life! So I went and brought her home with me the next day.

Piper's first Instagram post was on October 19, 2018 and it was immediately clear she was packed with purrsonality!

In just a couple of weeks and at only 4 months old, Piper had already gained over 1,000 followers! Her cuteness was just impawsible to ignore.

If you're wondering how Piper feels about her meowdeling career, you'll be pleased to know she loves it. Her mama told us:

She loves to be in front of the camera. She models a lot of pet accessories from small businesses and has always seemed to enjoy having her picture taken!

Piper's Instagram is flushed with vibrant colors and quality photography. They all work together with the kitty's delightful disposition.

And Piper might be a fashionista but that doesn't mean she has a negative cattitude. She is a little on the particular side, though! Her human told us:

She is picky about toys. She only loves paper balls, feathers, and her favorite worm wand toy. 

We suspect that helps getting the purr-fect pictures though!

What else does Piper love?

Her favorite thing to do is watch the hummingbirds! 

I wonder what she thinks about when she watches those fast fluttering wings! Hummingbirds are almost as majestic as Piper.

Of course, like all good cats, Piper has a funny side! Her mama told us:

One of the funniest things she does is when she sits at the table with us for dinner. As soon as we sit down she jumps into the empty chair and just watches everything we do. She’s super interested in the whole process. 

Would it be an exposé on a meowdel if we didn't dig for dirt? We asked about Piper's naughty side:

She loves chewing on cords.

"Insert salmon treats here, please."

But don't worry, for any amount of sass she has quadruple the sweet.

And she is always happy to participate in Instagram's Tongue Out Tuesday.

Most importantly, she always looks amazing.

Do you want to see more of stylish Piper and learn what brands she's repping? Check her out on Instagram right meow!

Let us know how much you adore Piper and don't forget to share this stylish, sweet cat's special feature with Cats in Catnip with your cat loving friends!

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