A Stray Kitten Didn’t Want To Be Adopted By Another Family So She Made Everyone Fall In Love With Her

A pet groomer named Kenya, from Denver, Colorado recently had an unexpected visitor. It was a stray kitten that was brought to her shop by her regular client.

"He asked if I knew anywhere he could take a kitten that he found in his yard, just before coming in," Kēnya said.

The man that found the kitten couldn't just leave her on the street, but couldn't keep her either, because he is allergic to cats.

She immediately prepared a place in her shop for the kitten and began making calls and researching online to find out if anyone lost a cat. "I even drove around the area where the client found him a few times to see if there were any missing cat posters for him."

No one showed up to claim the little cat, and there was no collar or a microchip to help with the search. "I took him home that night and told my family he was only staying for the night," Kēnya said.

The decision was made to take him to a rescue group so that they could find him a good home. But the small cat didn’t quite agree.

This little furball snuggled up to every house resident, animal and human. He made new friends, a puppy and a cat called Baby Cat.

"Everyone fell in love with him, but the sweetest love for him came from our puppy named Edward," Kēnya says.

The kitten snuggled up to his pooch friend and began to cuddle.

"They acted like they were long lost brothers and immediately started playing and snuggling and just wanted to be around each other all the time."

And the older cat, who never showed much interest in kittens, is acting quite different around this newcomer. It looks like the older cat has taken the role of a big brother, caring for the kitten like it was a part of his own family.

She is still keeping an eye on any lost pets posts at the local shelters and online. "A couple of weeks have gone by now, and I still check for posts, but there has been nothing," Kēnya says.

The kitten became a part of their family, and her daughter named it Popsicle.

It may be that the kitten knew right away that he found his human family, but the people just needed a little bit more time to realize that.

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