Kitten Born Four Days After The Rest Of The Litter And Survives The Odds

Shelby, a beautiful two-year-old cat, was sadly abandoned right before she was due to give birth to a litter of kittens. A kind stranger took her in and looked after her while she nursed her babies, before trapping the litter and taking them to a local shelter.

The Purrfect Pals rescue group in Arlington, Washington was able to get all the kittens into foster care immediately. However, whilst they were at the vet arranging for Shelby to be spayed, they were shocked to find that Shelby was already pregnant with another litter.

Expectant mama, Shelby was taken kindly in by John from The Critter Room whilst she awaited the arrival of her new babies.

On the 25th of August 2017, Shelby gave birth to four adorable kittens, however, sadly only one survived. The tiny kitten, named Sparky, was fighting for life and soon after she also passed away.

On the day Sparky passed, much to everyone's surprise, Shelby gave birth to a fifth kitten!

Out of nowhere, four days after the rest of the litter had been born, the tiny surprise kitten was born in the car on the way home from the vet. She was healthy, loud and ready to nurse with her mama.

The miracle kitten was named Lizzie, after the Ford Model T.

"The kitten was loud. She was a strong nurser. Lizzie was a total surprise being born four days after Sparky."

John did a fantastic job making sure Shelby was well cared for and comfortable. After a rough start, the duo began to thrive.

Shelby was wonderfully attentive with her tiny baby. She kept her close to her belly nursing and cleaning her constantly.

Having Lizzie there provided comfort to Shelby. The two were inseparable.

Lizzie was gaining weight and developing brilliantly. At 15 days old, her progress was fantastic even though she was still a little small for her age.

Lizzie began venturing off on her own as her little legs got stronger, but whenever Shelby called for her, she would come right back to her mama and start nursing right away.

Lizzie's little personality began to shine. She started to explore, climb and play with her mama and volunteers at the shelter.

But nap time is always snuggle time for these two!

When it came time for adoption, everyone agreed that the duo needed to stay together.

Shelby and Lizzie graduated from their foster home on November 17th, and were ready for their new life.

The pair were adopted together to a loving home where they also have two other feline friends to play and cuddle with.

They are happy, loved and enjoying their new lives in their forever homes!

Good luck Shelby and Lizzie!

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