Tiny Kitten With Uneven Legs Finds Someone To Love Her And It Will Make Your Heart Melt

Much like people, not all animals are born able-bodied. Genetics are complicated (to me anyway) and they sometimes end in people, and animals, needing a little more help than others. The kind of people required to take care of poorly animals is a special kind of person; someone with a whole lot of love, compassion and patience.

Often, foster shelters have to wait for that special family to come along and to love the animals. In special cases, shelters want sick animals taken care of in a home environment; rather than in a shelter. Which is what happened to this kitty family. Luckily, after a rough start to life, this special kitten is finally getting the love it deserves. 

Henrico Human Society in Virginia recently received a cat family that were in need of help. Krystle Waldron was called the same day and she was able to take the mummy cat and her four kittens home to take care of them. All the kittens were sick with upper respiratory infections, but the smallest cat had more problems too. 

The smallest cat, Pukini, was half the size of her sibilings and wasn’t growing. She had a severe eye infection and legs that were not working properly.

Krystle told LoveMeow:

"Her poor little eyes would end up sealed shut again within a couple hours of being cleaned. Mom was only about 4.5 pounds when we got her and wasn't producing enough milk for all of them. Her siblings would push Pukini out of the way, so she had to be supplemented with a bottle for a few weeks until she was strong enough to eat real food on her own."

Pukini was always exhausted and didn’t move much until she was five weeks old.

Given their access to care 24/7 in a good home, the kitten siblings grew strong and healthy.

Pukini, however, was still very small and couldn’t want properly. 

They tried to use a split on her tiny legs, but she was far too small. Krystle went on to say:

“When they did her X-rays, they found that her bone development was consistent with a 3-week old kitten even though she was almost seven weeks old at the time. They aren't sure what has caused that at this point and are still doing tests to try to figure that out."

The little cat doesn’t let it get her down though!

Like any cat, she naps to recharge her energy and then when she’s better rested she goes and plays again. 

Pukini loves blankets and trying to play with balls—even though she trips over them!

Krystle said:

"She's become a really feisty, playful little kitten. I don't think she has a clue that there's anything wrong with her, and she doesn't seem to be in any pain."

She may be a small cat forever, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in spirit. 

Watch her rescue journey here

For updates, follow Pukini on Instagram @acleverkitten.

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