Adorable Kitten Offers A Snake As A Replacement After Destroying Her Owner's Earphone Cable

All animals have their elements of mischief but baby animals are especially "naughty," so to speak. Puppies and kittens alike are not all that different from human babies and children when it comes to the sense of destruction. Anyone who has ever had a kitten has probably had something destroyed, because kittens are feisty and well-equipped with razor-sharp claws, which are combined purr-fectly with an affinity for biting. (Teething sucks, no matter your species, I guess!)

And while your precious pet may cower, gaze downward, or perhaps even scowl at you when scolded for their passionate moment of chaos that resulted in the destruction of your property, not many cats will do what this little kitten did... was it remorse? consolation? We're not sure, but we definitely cannot stop laughing.

Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani lives in Indonesia with his adorable kitten.

Like most cat lovers, Haryanto loves his kitten and regularly shares photos of the precious puss online, particularly on Facebook.

Recently, Haryanto shared a brief story of his kitten.

Playing peacefully on the bed, the kitten found a fondness for his earbud cable and after a few aggressive bites, the kitten broke the cable into unusable pieces.

Haryanto scolded the kitten and shooed him out of the house.

Alas, after merely an hour the kitten returned with a worthy replacement (or consolation gift, we aren't sure,) for his broken cord... a snake.

Well, how do you stay mad at such a sweet gesture? You don't, it's that simple. I'd say the kitten was forgiven!

As the story began to make rounds on the Internet, people were delighted and amused, to say the least.

Even Asian cats are more polite...

A worthy replacement, or sorts.

Helpful kitten? Possibly.

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