Kitten Helps Human Mom To Breastfeed Her Newborn Baby And It's So Wholesome

Carley Sercovich, New Orleans, USA, and her husband love animals. And they provide a home for them until they are adopted. That was the main reason they’ve named their firstborn Foster.

Although this family is used to taking care of the animal, caring for a baby is a lot different and harder. But this mom has some unexpected help. Ever since Carley, 32, brought Foster home and started breastfeeding him, she had assistance from a kitten Doppel.

This tiny kitten is pawing and pumping her breast when she is feeding the baby, and Carley says that she is delighted by this cute gesture.

She said: “It was just too cute not to capture on video. Doppel was one of our first foster kittens and was born around the same time as my son. They were both around 10-weeks-old when I took the video.”

Little Foster is now five months old and he likes living with all the animals around him.

Carley frequently shares their escapades on their Instagram page @fostersfuryfosters.

She’s shown this video to other moms and they loved it so much. She said: ‘The other mums I’ve shown the video too have said how adorable it is.

“The first time Doppel tried to help me I thought it was very funny and sweet. Because we foster so many animals, I cherish these special moments which I remember long after they’ve been adopted. Doppel was always such a sweet and affectionate foster kitten. I was so proud of him for being gentle.”

The kitten helps even when Foster is drinking milk from the bottle.

Foster is growing up in the best possible way. With pets around him.

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