Cute Little Kitten Was Hiding In a Kleenex Box The Whole Time They Were Looking For Her

Who would've known that kittens were also into magic tricks! A three-month-old kitten named Chanel is as playful as they come, but all of sudden she went missing for a couple of hours...

After not being around for only a brief moment and leaving Chanel the kitten on the dinner table, her mom was surprised after the kitten completely vanished from the dinner table when she returned. Britany spent a whole hour looking for her kitty and checking every inch of the house.

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Britanny checked every corner of her house and searched for the kitten the best way she could, and she even got emotional about it at one point after not finding a single clue leading to the kitten's location.

After seeing his granddaughter struggle to find her kitten, grandpa immediately came to her rescue and started helping with the search.

At one point he stopped the search for a brief moment to reach for a Kleenex placed on the table and to his surprise, he found more than what he wanted in there and felt a little bit of fur snuggling inside the box.

The problem was finally solved and everyone was extremely glad that the kitten was safe and sound.

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The internet immediately called BS on this whole story so Britany had to provide some concrete proof to back up her story.

Smokey the dog is taking the Internet by storm and it's not hard to see why.

The adorable dog and his calm, sweet disposition have had a rough time adjusting to life in an animal shelter after his family lost their home in a fire. The loud and unusual environment has led to some understandable depression for sweet Smokey. For Smokey it was just too difficult for him to adjust to his new environment. However, Smokey was lucky enough to have a toy, stuffed elephant to offer him comfort and support. Grab your kleenex because you will need them for this particular story! 

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