15 Grown Cats Who Still Think They're Kittens

Cats grow so fast that they always keep forgetting how huge they actually became and that they're not tiny kittens anymore, so they never let go of their old habits and keep on doing the same old things they've been used to doing as kittens, like sitting in tiny spots they can no longer fit in or breaking things that can no longer support their weight.

It can be really annoying, but most of the time it's just a cute sight that never fails to make us laugh.

1. Take me with you hooman, I refuse to stay in this house alone

2. He used to be so innocent, now he has no damns left to give

3. You're going to break my computer mittens, get down

4. The most comfortable bed according to this cat

5. I can finally fill the whole sink with my fluff

6. Four Years Later, Toby Still Loves His Bed"

7. The same peaceful napping face

8. Waiting to be worshiped

9. Shoulder cats are the best kind of cats

10. He can't give up his kittenhood box

11. You need to get me a bigger chair hooman

12. He's no longer scared and confused

13. Still obsessed with shoes

14. Always cuddling with his best friend

15. The good ol days

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