Sweet Maine Coon Kitten Gets Tiny Pillow As a Gift From Her Vet And Falls In Love

As children, and sometimes as adults, we have an object that gives us comfort in times of need or loneliness. These objects are things like favorite dolls and blankets, but can really be anything that means something to us. These items don't necessarily retain a neat, new appearance, but are usually obviously loved and cherished. 

The following is a story of a sweet kitten who was given a gift from her vet when she was having a hard time after being separated from her litter. The cuteness of Belle the cat and her tiny pillow is almost too much to handle. 

When Katie Gaber adopted Belle, she moved out from her litter and joined her furever home in North Dakota. 

Sweet Belle was a mere 8-weeks old and extra clingy. 

“We knew she was the cat for us when she clung to us, not wanting us to let her go,” Gaber explained.

In addition to her new human family, she gained a new feline sibling as well, Jazzy. Jazzy wasn't exactly looking to snuggle an excitable kitten, and this left Belle wanting a fuzzy friend of her own.

The day Belle went to her first vet trip, she was not the most excited, especially as she was going so she could get spayed. 

“When we dropped her off, the vet decided to give her a little pillow to keep her company, and she fell in love with it,” Gaber said. “After we picked her up, the vet gave us the pillow and told us that she really liked it and thought we should keep it for her.”

Belle apparently had tried out one with catnip at first but was strangely uninterested, so the vet gave her one without. That did the trick!

The cute little pillow wasn't anything extravagant. It was a small, square, ravioli-shaped piece of terry cloth, but she would not let it out of her sight. 

“Since then, she has carried the pillow wherever she goes,” Gaber pointed out. “We will find it all over the house in random spots.”

Belle even uses the pillow, well, as a pillow sometimes. Which to me sounds like the sweetest thing ever. 

Belle has seemed to hang on to her tiny pillow because it gave her so much comfort when she was tiny and scared, much like a child's security blanket. 

“I think she likes it so much because of the soft texture,” Gaber explained. “My mom likes to believe it makes her think of her mother in some way, and that's why she finds some comfort in it.”

Whatever the reason is, I do know this: Belle has blossomed into a beautiful kitty and her relationship with her tiny pillow has touched our hearts. 

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