Kitten's Life Was Changed Forever After Being Found And Saved By Woman

A Good Samaritan in Montreal, Canada managed to spot a three weeks old tabby, the little kitten needed round-the-clock care but unfortunately, the shelter simply wasn't able to provide it. Even though they couldn't keep the kitten, giving up on him was simply not an option.

Their last hope was a local rescue group called "Chatons Orphelins Montréal" , so they asked for their help. He was picked up by Danielle, a foster volunteer from the rescue who decided to save this poor kitten's life.

As soon as she met this little ball of fur, he started meowing as he walked up to her. Then he immediately crawled into her lap and started cuddling.

He was given the name Spirou, and he later proved to be a people cat.

Spirou turned out to be very vocal and clingy. Danielle would constantly get followed by him around the house while he would meow non stop until she places him in her arms.

"He kept calling his foster mom until she picked him up and held him," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal told Love Meow. "He always wanted her attention and was very affectionate."

Spirou quickly learned how to eat solid food and as he grew his playful and rambunctious nature became apparent. His love for cuddles got even stronger after reaching each milestone.

"He was never far from his foster mom so he could jump into her arms for hugs anytime he wanted."

Spirou's dream finally came true at 11 weeks old.

"He found his perfect match and started a new life with a wonderful family," the rescue said. "Spirou is very loving and wants his humans attention at all times. He likes to give nose kisses and is not afraid of anything."

"Spirou has blossomed into a happy, healthy kitty thanks to his foster mom who saved him. He's grown up quite a lot, but is still a baby at heart."

Since the day he was rescued, the tiny tabby has come so far

"He was a little ball of sweetness that needed constant attention."

Look how grown he looks now!

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