This Man’s Quick Thinking Saved The Lives Of Three Little Kittens When He Used His Warm Coffee To Set Them Free From The Ice

Coffee is wonderful. It helps people get out of bed in the morning and find the strength to get to work once more, again.

Besides being responsible for, well, the economy running, and the world not being put on halt, it also saves lives. Of little kittens. This is not a coffee commercial.

Kendall Diwisch, is an oil worker from Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. He was doing a regular well inspection run when he came across three stray kittens on one of the auxiliary roads.

He stopped to see what’s going on, and he could hear some anxious meowing. When he came closer, he saw two of the three kittens got their tails frozen stuck to the ground.

Canadian Kendall Diwisch came across three kittens with their tails frozen to the ground.

Poor little kittens couldn’t move and were in danger of freezing to death.

Thinking quickly, he poured warm coffee on ice and melted it.

When he saw what is happening, he went to his car to find something to melt the ice. Luckily, he had some warm coffee left over, so he started pouring it on their tails. Poor kittens instinctively began to drink the coffee, but it wasn’t enough to have some negative effects.

There wasn’t enough coffee to complete the job, so he had to give it a little pull. He managed to pull the tails out without harming the kittens.

Diwisch later posted his little adventure on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

He took them home to make them warm and gave them food.

Diwisch brought the kittens to his house, where they were warm and were fed. He also dewormed them because he was planning on giving them up for adoption.

He believes that kittens were frozen there for the whole night, and they were fortunate that someone happened to pass by before they froze to death.

The video shows how it all happened.

Three cute furballs found new homes quickly after the post was shared.

Because Diwisch’s story became viral so quickly, it wasn’t very hard to find a good, loving home for these three kittens. He received tons of inquiries. Cause for Critters, a local animal shelter, posted that the family that adopted them is also from Drayton Valley.

We just couldn’t imagine a better ending to this story.

People on the internet were thrilled by this guy’s actions

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