These Kitties Received An Automatic Feeder And Their Reaction Is Priceless

I am fluffy, soft, cuddly and walk on four legs, what am I? Well, it can be anything from a raccoon to a kitten, but today we are going to go with it's a kitten. Yep, those fluffy, naughty, cuddly things that are so cute you would have a whole litter of them if you could.

But sometimes one or two is just enough to satisfy your cuteness detector. That's exactly what Cee Webster did about two years ago. They were having a pretty bad day and thought well playing with the animals at the Pixie Project in Oregon would make them and the animals feel better.

That is where they met their new fluffy buddies. They are two brothers that are simply inseparable and they were just about 8 weeks old at that time. But what they didn't know was that Cee was going to get them something shiny and cool.

Cee never thought they would take the two kitties home, "I’m allergic to cats, and definitely shouldn’t have cats."

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"Tucker was this tiny little nugget and he started kneading on my face and purring," Cee said. 

After playing with them they went about their day feeling better, but their mind was still wandering to Tucker and Finley, "I just felt like those cats are special," Cee said. "I was like, 'I just have to go get them.'"

Cee just couldn't get it in their heart to separate them so they decided to take both of them and screw their allergies! "The mental health benefits outweigh having terrible allergies."

Ever since Cee adopted them, they smother each other and with huge amounts of love and cuddles on a daily basis. "These guys are best friends," Cee said. "They sleep together and groom each other."

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Besides all the love they are receiving they are also getting generous amounts of food and Cee decided to let them exercise before dinner so that they don't get too lazy and chubby. They got each of them a little toy mouse, which they calls their "mousies".

"Finley is the athletic one of the duo," Cee said. "He loves to play fetch with his mousie and I’ll chuck it and he’ll bring it back."

Since Cee started their exercise routine with the mousies they started to associate their mousies with dinner time. Then Cee got them an automatic feeder that portions out their food throughout the day. 

"I got them the feeder so they could have some dry food throughout the day and it would portion it out," Cee said. "It's on a timer, too. So maybe they wouldn’t wake me up at 5 in the morning."

Finley and Tucker didn't really like this weird machine Cee gave them. "When I first set it up they got freaked out because it made a weird noise," Cee said. "And Finley walked away with his tail puffed up."

But when they realized this weird noise making thing gives them food, they automatically warmed up to it a little bit more. "Now they hear that noise and they go sprinting over," Cee said. "They also know what time it happens. Five minutes before, they go over and just wait there."


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Soon enough Cee noticed that Tucker and Finley's love for the machine is growing by the day and they noticed this in a very surreal way. They looked down at the bowl and saw that one of them offered their mousie to the feeder. 

It seemed like this was a regular occurrence. "They used to bring me mousies. Now they bring the food robot mousies," Cee joked online.

Even though Cee doesn't have to give them food anymore, they still know that they are good for love and lots of snuggles.

But Cee still get's a pause when they think about their newly found relationship with the feeder. "It’s like the singularity — that point when artificial intelligence has taken over," Cee said. "There was actually a mousie in the food bowl this morning when I went down."

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