Tis The Season...For Cats To Play In Christmas Trees No Matter What The Humans May Think

It is no surprise that cats seriously love Christmas trees. They're purr-fect for climbing, they come with all sorts of dangling shiny bits to pat-pat at, and whether they are real or fake, they have a smell that (apparently) just screams, "chew me."

It's a tough line to try and navigate. One one hand, it is pawsitively adorable to see how fascinated pir kitties are with the trees! On the other hand, their ability to completely destroy trees is incredibly frustrating. The best coping mechanism is sharing photos of our frisky felines as they delight in the magic of the Christmas tree.

1. "It lasted 12 hours."

2. "Every year..."

3. "It's that time of the year."

4. Yep, all cats.

5. "She keeps eating the tree. She has no shame."

6. "Iris says happy holidays!"

7. "Anyone want a cat? I can't with this one."

8. Magic Eyes

9. "She looks so proud of herself."

10. "Caught in the act!"

11. "The only picture I got of her in her first ever Christmas tree before I took the tree down this morning. Knocked it over twice in three minutes."

12. "This picture was made into a Christmas card for New Start Cat Rescue in Gloucestershire."

13. "Keeping one eye on the prize."

14. "She is fascinated."

15. The anticipation builds.

16. "So it begins... (the eating of our Christmas tree.)"

17. "Can't keep her out."

18. Blissful

19. "My favorite ornament."

20. "Why even bother putting up a tree?"

21. Thanks, I love it.

If your cat loves the tree, be sure to share pictures in the comments!

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