A Comparison Between The Most Wholesome Cats VS Some Of The Most Evil Ones

Any cat owner would know that it's one of the best days of your life when you get yourself a little tiny kitten. All those snuggles, fluffy hair, little pink paws, and that tiny pink nose are just too adorable to handle.

It feels like you want to burst at the seams with cuteness! Oh and don't get me started on all the love and cuddles you receive from them, it's the best thing ever. But that's just the first day or the first week when they are still getting used to their environment.

After that? Well, let's just say you are not thinking about their cuteness then! They become the little rascals they are, by destroying anything and everything they get their little paws on.

Some kitties are not so bad and actually just wants to lay in the sun and soak up the goodness by having nice long naps. So, that is why this list was compiled where we show you 11 of the sweetest kitties and 11 of the worst of the worst.

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This kitty just loves her peaches

And this one who just doesn't give a crap

This cat totally saved his human

This kitty just wanted the insurance money

Kitty loves his owner so much that he saved him from drowning

No worries at all!

"Don't go hooman!"

Well, it's safe to say the cat didn't like that video

Here we have the love birds

And then on the other hand we have cats like this

Kitty is about to save the world from evil cats

Behold the thief who steals anything food related

The good kitty that is very important

They learn so quickly

The kitty who provides comfort to those in need

And the one that doesn't like comfort at all

The "Hulk" of cats

Now, scaredy cat just get out will you?

A true boss!

Walking in on a cat meeting

The definition of mama bear

I think she's giving her owner a hint to who she really is

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