These Pictures Of A Kitty And A Meerkat Cuddling Are All You Need To Get You Through The Day

Species don’t seem to play a significant role when it comes to friendships. Of course, one can not expect a lion to be friends with a gazelle, but in many other cases, it is true. The best examples are Suria (6) and Nice (8), a cat and a meerkat.

They live together in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with their owner Ekaterina Kuraeva, 45. She says the two friends spend the whole day together and love each other tremendously.

She often films them when they are cuddling and playing, and she is posting the videos regularly on their Instagram page.

Animals are so cute, and it is no wonder the videos go viral immediately. See for your self.

Ekaterina says: “When we got Suria, Nice was already living with us, they bonded straight away. Now they spend the whole day together, every day. They do everything together, eating, sleeping and playing.”

“Suria is definitely the most affectionate one, but Nice loves the meerkat too, he loves playing with him and licking him up. Suria is very jealous when I spend time with the cat, when I take him in my arms, he gets nervous and starts jumping trying to get him back.”

Playing together is more fun.

They can do this all day long.

They are together even when taking a nap.

Cuddling is the main activity of the day.

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