13 Items You Definitely Need If You're A Fully Fledged Crazy Cat Person

It's not easy these days to be a cat-cuddler. We are inexplicably obsessed with our feline friends, desiring only to offer the best of the best and spoil them pro-purr-ly. The best toys; the best treats; the best catnip. Our cats deserve the best, don't they?

Wading through the world of cat products is hard sometimes, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. We picked out 13 totally a-meow-zing items you and your cats are going to obsess over ASAP, because it's going to be hard not to immediately snatch them all up.

Like I said, your cat deserves the best.

Banana Peel Novelty Bed

What could be cooler to show off to your fellow cat fanatics than a banana bed? Nothing, I say. Nothing. Get yours here.

Lazer Pointer Combo Pack

Cats and lazers: a timeless tale of fun. Get this combo pack and let the fun begin.

The Cheerble Wicked Ball

The Cheerble Wool Wicked Ball is ameowzing. It's intelligent and interactive with a cat-friendly texture.

The Marshmallow Cat Bed

The coziest, snuggliest bed on the market. Shipped from the US, it doesn't get much better when it comes to luxury cat beds. Get yours right here right mow.

Pet Carrier for Cats (& Small Dogs)

If people can wear their human babies, why can't I wear my cat? I can, thanks to this contraption. Don't judge me. Join me.

Pet Carrier Backpack

If you're slightly not convinced that the hammock sack will keep your cat safely against your side, consider this super cool backpack. Your cat is secure inside but can see outside. It's super duper nifty. The exploration begins here.

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

Some have called it witchcraft, it works that great. It's a fact that not all fur collectors are created equal. You can get the best on the market right here.

Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

Cat-tested and approved. Start your lazy lounging days when you grab the hammock here.

Macrame Cat Hammock

An alternative to the wall-mounted cat hammock, this nifty one is aesthetically pleasing and can hang in a variety of places and ways. Be the coolest cat parents on the block when you grab it here.

Removable Cat Corner Scratcher

It scratches, combs, and massages at their convenience and is catnip compatible.

Available Here.

Chala Fat Cat Tote

The purr-fect cat person tote is available here. There is no better way to show off your crazy cat lady fashion sense than with a stylish, faux leather tote.

Petstages Cat Tracks Interactive Toy

Check out this promising review: "My cat likes ball in track toys, and this seems to be her new favorite, likely due to it having three ball tracks instead of merely 1 or 2. Besides the triple design, the other interesting aspect is that it allows my cat to smack the balls through horizontal rather than vertical holes, which she seems to prefer. ...If your cat enjoys balls, and especially ball in track toys, this one is a great choice."

Available Here.

360 Degree Self Rotating Ball for Cats

With a single press of the button, this ball does all the work for you and keeps your cat engaged for a ridiculous amount of fun time.

Available Here.

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