Unique Ways That Your Cat Communicates With You Might Delightfully Surprise You

The relationships we have with our cats are as unique as they are universal. What I mean by that is: the relationship you have with your cat is specific to you and your cat, but the language your cat uses to communicate it's feelings is a universal technique that all cats use! How cool is that?

Have you ever wondered what your cat is trying to convey when they behave a certain way? We've decided to dive deep into cat psychology and learned some really fascinating things we think our fellow cat lovers would be delighted to learn about. After all, love messages from cats are something very special indeed!

1. The Slow Blink

The cat slow blink is when your cat looks right at you then slowly and intentionally closes and opens their eyes.

According to cat experts, "in the feline world, closing one’s eyes in the presence of another is the ultimate sign of trust."

Jackson Galaxy calls it "The I Love You Blink."

Mikel Delgado, Ph.D., and Certified Cat Behavior Consultant at Feline Minds says:

Cats are masters of subtle body language, but a cat blinking is a really solid indicator that he’s communicating his current state of contentment.

2. Purring

We have all heard of cat purring and we generally associate the delightful revving engine sound with feeling content, but is there more to the purr?

Did you know that cats do not purr for other cats? They do it for us! It's a message specifically for us humans! Sometimes cats also purr to seek comfort and they seek it from you! You are just that special to your feline friends.

3. The Gurgle

Purring isn't the only sound a cat makes to convey a message. You may have heard a high-pitched gurgling noise? The sound can be a little startling if you haven't heard it before or weren't expecting it but it isn't anything to be alarmed about! It's a good thing.

These upbeat, chipper sounds from your cat are a sign they want to be social with you. This is a good time to play with your cats! Enjoy the moment, your cat clearly does.

4. Headbutts and Boops

One of my personal favorites in cat behavior: headbutts.

Cats use scent glands in their face, lips, and chin to mark their territory, meaning a headbutt is actually incredibly affectionate. Your beloved cat is making sure to tell all of the other cats that you are her person!

5. Biting

Do you loathe or love your cat's teefies? What I'm about to tell you should give you reason to love those sharp babies.

Gentle nibbles from your cat that are not aggressive in nature are love nibbles. According to Maureen McCarthy:

During grooming mother cat show love and affection to its young one through nibbling little insignificant bites or licks, this way your cat could be showing some love just the way the mum did it. This what can be described simply just as a love bite.

Congratulations, your cat has identified you as part of the family and is trying to take good care of you. How sweet!

6. Belly Up

Glorious, fluffy belly exposed? It's like Christmas morning.

Alright, it's hard not to be suspicious when your cat exposes their glorious, fluffy belly to you because sometimes it's a trap.

A cat's stomach is their "weak spot," and cats find it very important to protect their weaknesses. If your cat goes belly up and lets you stroke the fluffy goodness, that is a sign your cat trusts you completely.

If they bite, it might be a message or warning to keep you in your subservient place and not necessarily a sign you aren't trustworthy. Just a friendly reminder of who is the boss here. (Cat is always the boss.)

7. The Tail Says A LOT

Your cat definitely uses her tail to communicate. Where dogs may wag a tail to express delight, your cat may flick her tail back and forth to express similar levels of delight.

According to Andee Bingham:

If your cat is holding her tail high up in the air it shows that she’s happy and confident in her environment. The tip of her tail can tell you a lot too. If the tip is twitching it means she is exceptionally happy to see you.

9. Gifts

Does your cat bring dead or near dead critters to you? You might assume your cat thinks you're too stupid to hunt for your own treats but there is actually an even sweeter meaning to their sort of undesirable gifts.

The truth is: your cat trusts you. They trust you enough to leave their treasures nearby. Congratulations! Your cat thinks you won't steal their stuff. (Imagine their shock when you are not happy to have a rodent corpse on your bed, though, right?)

10. Is you cat following you? Good.

Your cat may not enjoy going for leisure walks the way a dog does, but if your cat is following you where you go it's not to be a nuisance either. "Physical proximity" is a sign of affection. Especially if there is, dare I say it, food in another room but your cat is following you around? Your cat sure does love ya!

11. Kneading You? Purr-fection

Sometimes lovingly referred to as "making biscuits," when a cat kneads you that is an incredible sign of love and affection.

According to iheartcats:

Cats associate the kneading motion to the comfort of nursing and do it when they feel content and safe.

There is no better time than right meow to realize how much your cat loves you.

How did you realize your cat loves you? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share these fun feline facts with your friends!

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