Cat Cafe Advertises Their New Special For Valentine's Day That's All About Your Ex

This Newcastle cat cafe has an interesting solution if you want to get even with an ex who broke your heart and left you.

Anyone that is hurt by their ex leaving, finding a new home, new love, cheated on them, etc., could feel just a little bit better if they donate just £1 to Mog on the Tyne, a cat café where cat people can spend time with many rescue cats who live there.

This small donation will buy you a pleasure of writing your ex's name in the litter box, and have cats do their business over it. Sounds interesting?

Check them out on Facebook here.

Mog on the Tyne opened in Pudding Chare in 2015, and it was the first cat café in Newcastle. The principle is that customers pay a symbolic entry fee to sit in the café, which is a home for about a dozen cats.

The cats live there until they are adopted, they walk around freely, and the customers are welcome to pet them and play with them. It is important to mention that the cats are not forced to be in the guest area; they have a separate rest area for cats that are not in the mood for socializing.

So, if you want to get your ex's name written in a kitty litter box, come to Mog on the Tyne, pay the £1 donation, write the name on the conveniently heart-shaped paper and place it in the litter tray.

Mog on the Tyne shared a picture of the empty litter box with a poster that says: "Write your ex's name in the litter box, and our cats will poop in it."

And people seem to like the idea.

"This is brilliant," one customer said on Facebook

"Should do it via PayPal too, see how far round the world we can get exes."

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