Feast Your Eyes On This Adorable Cat Who Sleeps Flat On His Back

Chata, Chata, Chata. Oh the fun I would have giving this kitty nicknames!

Instagram animal stars seem to be on the rise, and this adorable munchkin kitten is no different!

Chata is a calico kitty who not only has short legs, but also likes to sleep flat on his back. Yup. You read that right.

This cutie kitty so closely resembles a human when he sleeps, or maybe it's more accurate to say he looks like the cartoon Snoopy, than a literal human being. Never the less, he's as cute as can be & has taken over instagram with his adorableness.

Chata lives in Japan with his sister, Chava, although Chata is only less than a year old, the duo has managed to rack up over 102k followers on Instagram!😱

Ra ta ta tat... kitty sleepin on his back.

I aspire to meet this kitten's level of comfort with the world!! He's sure got it down pat!

Belly in the air, with his pink paws outstretched at his sides, it's safe to say he doesn't have a single worry in the universe.

Is he...is he alive?! Yes! Just dreaming about how delicious his next meal will be, and just how much mischief he can get into once he opens his eyes!

I'm with Chata, it's time to catch some z's😴

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