Life With Cats Is Not Easy At All, And These 10+ Illustrations Demonstrate It Perfectly

Cats are lovely but very irrational and weird, they're always nowhere and everywhere at the same time, their thinking process doesn't make a lot of sense and requires a lot of patience and knowledge in cat behavior. Although, they are very sweet and cuddly, and can make great companions and even friends. Living with them can be a great challenge though...

If you happen to love cats, then you will absolutely fall in love with the comics that a 27-year-old San Francisco-based artist Hannah Hillam has created, they illustrate exactly what it's like to live with cats.

She gives some pretty good perspective of what it's like to be a modern cat lady, her comics are a mix of cute, funny, and cringey. You will definitely relate to them!

Hannah's daily struggles with cats are something every cat owner is very aware of and the fact that she turned them into a comics makes it so much better.

How on earth is that even possible?

I am collecting all the cats, ALL OF THEM, MOUHHAHAHA

Purely made out of felines

The best way to get waken up in the morning

Always ready for some midnight action

Kitties on my mind, so many kitties on my mind

You are completely forgiven, I love you

Cat paws are just the best

It's okay, I'm not even mad

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