19 Amazingly Flexible Cats That Look Almost Like Liquid

Cats love to fit in small places. They love boxes, and tighter the spaces are, the better. There are several studies about this behavior pattern of theirs. Most of them concluded that cats love them because no one can sneak up on them; they are covered from multiple sides. 

Often it is a reaction to stressful situations. One shelter conducted a study, and it showed that cats that have boxes in their cages have lower stress hormones.

As for the domestic cats, who live in loving families… we can't really say. It's just their nature probably. But it's fun anyway. We are glad they do it.

1. Interesting. Who was your interior designer?

2. I hold bottles there, but this will do too.

3. This is one weird pretzel.

4. This cat has spill itself.

5. Lego cat.

6. What’s cooking?

7. She likes plants.

8. Feeding bowls-sleeping bowls, pretty much the same.

9. I don’t want to go to work…..

10. The violin player is going to be surprised…

11. Do you have to wait for her to wake up, so you could wash your teeth?

12. A cat in a glass. Refreshing.

13. She’s gonna flow out through the hole.

14. Where’s the soup?

15. Don’t move apart the beds…..

16. No more work, let’s play.

17. She likes 90 degrees angles.

18. A gutter cat.

19. The cube.

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