Adorable & Hilarious Photos Of Liquid Cats

It's been a long-running joke that cats defy logic, reasoning, and physics. We've also chattered quite a bit about cats being liquid. Why? Quite simply, it's impossible (or impawsible,) not to suggest such things. Sure, by the dictionary definition of liquid, cats don't fit the bill. However, we've already established that reasoning and logic are not strong points when discussing the ludicrous things cats do.

Therefore, why shouldn't we assert that cats are either other-worldly or liquid? (In some cases, purrhaps they are actually both.) In fact, this collection of cats you're about to browse should do a rather thorough job of proving the assertion. Believe it or not!

1. Jelly Jiggler

2. Double the Trouble

3. I'm as impressed as she is unimpressed.

4. Waterfall of Floof

5. Furball Gymnastics

6. Please note the tail especially:

7. Overflowing! Warning! Important!

8. Bulbous Bowl-y Boi

9. A tad tight? Not a problem.

10. Lil babies.

11. Well gosh darn!

12. Three times the dark liquid goodness.

13. You will, at the least, snort.

14. Zoom Zoom

15. Pop Up, Pop Down. Easy!

16. Liquid finds its way through the cracks.

17. Bonus Toe Beans

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