Everything You Love About Cats In 14 Photos

These days we are all just living our best cat life. Wake up to an alarm clock that meows in your face at 4am for food? Yes, please. Cuddle buddy while you poo? Yes, please.

Purring on your chest on cold evenings? YES, PLEASE. Cat life is the good life, there's no denying it and nobody in the world "gets it" quite like other cat lovers.

That's how we know you've come to the right place. You love cats, we love cats! We are all in this together, doing it for the cats while we look at other cats and appreciate them in all their glory.

1. Why have you disturbed her slumber?

I hope this hilarious photo was worth it... (I believe it was.)

2. Let me ask you a serious question:

If your cat doesn't have a little couch of their own, are you truly spoiling them? I think not.

3. Is there anything better than scritches?

Based on this purr-fect face... I'm assuming not.

4. Sometimes you go to take a picture of your cat...

But all you catch is the hilarity of them mid-tumble.

5. So cozy. So SMOL.

Everything is right in the world for as long as you look at this fluffy, lil jellybean.

6. Kitten Yoga

Purr-fectly stretched in order to achieve comfort.

7. Without a doubt, the cutest hops I've ever seen.

You can't argue with those facts.

8. Epic Kitten Save?

Epic Kitten Save.

9. What a precious cuddle puddle!

Be still, my heart.

10. The most purr-fect blep, ever?

Purr-haps, you be the judge.


You won't regret it.

12. Eggselent.

I'll be here all week.

13. Strut your stuff on the cat-walk.

Love it.

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