Adorable And Hilarious Pictures Of Very Long Cats Doing Big Stretchums

Some cats are small. Some cats are chonks. Some cats are just really, really big. And some cats, some of the best cats, are long. From head to tip of the tail, the average length of a cat is approximately 18 inches.

That's pretty impressive, but when put in the right perspective, sometimes even an average length cat can look far above average! A mighty stretch goes a long way.

On top of that, some cats are just naturally very, very long. It's an impressive sight to behold. A maine coon, for example, can reach over 3 feet easily. Some of these long cats are fancy breeds, some of them are your every day classic beauties. Either way, we're impressed and amazed by every single one.

1. "Eat Your Heart Out, Longcat"

Tall is a skill when you're a cat.

2. "Meet Manasha, The World's First Longcat Loaf"

It's a head with a tail.

3. "Salvador Dali’s Cat"

A bendy stretch!

4. "It's Been A Loooong Day"


5. "Hello, Is It A Snake?"

A little fluff, a little spooky, a lot of precious.

6. "Those Legs"

Did you let out an audible, "aww," too?

7. "This Stretched Black And White Cat That's Being Held Upside Down"

He's very talented, don't you think?

8. "Shadow Is My Beautiful Grey Chonk, And Zelda Is The Weird Noodle Draped Over Her. This Picture Is Taken A Couple Years Old, From When Zelda Was An Adolescent Spaghetti"

Weird noodle? Definitely.

9. "Every Time My Dad Stretches, Our Cat Likes To Join"

Comrade, for encouragement.

10. "Maylon And Jason"

Almost twins.

11. "Guys, Look How Long I Can Be"

She's got sights to see.

12. "The Chillest Of Them All"

A stretch and a chill.

13. "It's Unreal How Long This Boy Is"


14. "Exhausted After A Long Day Of Being A Cat"

Drop where you stop.

15. "Our Sunbathing Cat Tiny Melting On The Porch"

Maximum sun exposure.

16. "Whatever Is Comfy I Guess"

This is confusing and impressive.

17. "Sunset Sploot With Bonus Crossed Paws And Fancy Tail"

This is a blessed image.

18. "Almost Human Height Long"

This is practically a mountain lion!

19. "My Cat Janeway Has Decided Her New Napping Spot Is In My Bathtub. I Went To Take A Picture And She Stretched At The Perfect Moment"

I think I can hear this image.

20. "He Can Play Tetris"


21. "Very Long Cat"

He's not interested in sharing.

22. "When Your Cat Arrives In The Mail"

A purr-fect fit.

23. "Summer Tora And Winter Tora"

Year-round stretchy Tora

24. "Ok Not Sure What She’s Trying To Do Here But It’s Cute"


25. "Windowsill Sploot"

Cozy with a breeze.

26. "Long Cat"

Soooooooooooo long.

27. "Longcat"

Not a ferret.

28. "Compete Liquid Phase Established"

Relaxation: Achieved.

29. "Found A Weird Reptile In My Bathtub"

Do a big stretch.

30. "My Mother In Law's Cat Sits On The Post Like This And Judges The Neighbours"

Nosy as heck.

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