Wholesome Cats To Make Your Day Better

It's that time of year where a lot of people begin to perk up. The leaves are turning colors, pumpkin flavored everything is hitting shop shelves, and the holidays are just around the corner. However, it's also a grumbly time of the year, isn't it? The days feel longer and the stress grows exponentially.

What can one do in a busy, stressful world to relax and see the good? Look at cats, of course! There is not much out there that can't be solved with smiling at kitties on the Internet, even for a little bit... those precious furballs that light up our life release the purr-fect amount of oxytocin to keep you going!

1. Purr-fectly Prepared Puss

He's got serious business to attend to.

2. "My two favorite cat(t)s. I swear they get along!"

The faces of "getting along."


Long and snuggly, just how we like 'em.

4. Worth the milkies.


5. More maximum relaxation

I'd be envious but I'm too busy cooing at the cute kitty.

6. I present to you: relatable cat content

Everyone felt that.

7. "FOR ME? Why, I don't even know what to say!"

Kitty, you don't have to say anything when you're this cute.

8. If this is what I saw at the gym, I'd never leave.

I'd melt from the cuteness in my presence.

9. Well, he's got my vote.

For literally anything.

10. He's doing his best.

And I'm proud of him.

11. Cat bed? Yep.

You gotta do what you gotta do when there's two of you this cute.

12. Very dramatic.

Give him the Oscar.

13. This is literally everything I want in life.

I'm 100% pawsitive about it.

14. What a place to nap.

Some people call it a cat nap.

15. On the edge of my seat...

Sometimes, you just gotta build a whole lotta anticipation.

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