Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats Are Absolutely Awesome

Maine Coon cats have become famous in the popular sphere because of their furry exteriors and absolutely massive size compared to regular cats, however there are some pretty interesting facts that you may not have known about the furry giants.

The cats are native to the north-eastern part of the United States. This makes sense because of their size and their massive, fluffy coats that they are known for. This acts as a protective layer that keeps them warm and safe from the element.

It also makes them super cute. But these are all obvious. Here are five unknown facts about Maine Coon cats.

These felines evolved out of the cold and wintry areas around New England in the USA's far north-east, meaning that they are built to handle cold and wet. They have special water resistant coats, as well as being heavily insulated means that they were born to be outside and really cold.

It's not all hair thank you very much! These cats are not only very fluffy, but also are genetically bigger then every other domesticated cat breed. With a barrel chest, larger bones, and a rectangular body shape, these monsters can reach anywhere between 9-18lbs. They are so big that they generally don't even reach their full, mature size until they are 3-5 years old.

All for show. Despite being huge and intimidating, Maine Coon cats are actually one of the most docile, loving and friendly of the domesticated cats. They are very happy showing affection to their humans, as well as becoming friends with other animals they run into in their lives.

Identity crisis. Again, despite their size, these cats are sometimes referred to as the dogs of the cat world. They are so docile and friendly that they are perfect for homes with other pets, or with young families, as it is extremely rare for them to lash out - a trait all too familiar to those of us with cats at home.

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