Owner Shares Photos of Her Incredibly Large and Majestic Maine Coon

There's a lot of buzz surrounding big doggos, but here's something a little different; big cattos. We all love cats of all sizes, but this one is ginormous. Meet Lotus, an Instagram superstar cat. Lotus is a Maine Coon, whose owner has an Instagram account dedicated to sharing stunning pictures of Maine Coon cats.

Not only is Lotus big, but Lotus is also incredibly photogenic. Lotus' owner has a real talent for photography, and I am glad that they have decided to share their photography with the world. If there is one thing Instagram likes; it's cats. But even better? Big cats in stunning scenery.

Lotus likes to pose dramatically with a perfect landscape.

Here is Lotus in comparison with a human.

Lotus likes to help out with the cooking.

Lotus and an equally fluffy friend.

For more of Lotus' adventures, follow the Maine-Coon-loving Instagram here @lotus_the_mainecoon.

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