The Exact Moment These Cat Owners Realized Their Cats Were Kind Of Jerks

Nicole Cliffe turned to Twitter to hear outrageous stories about cats and by golly the Twitter community delivered. It's an amusing fact of cat life that cats can be total jerks. In fact, some might argue they can be outright assholes. These sass-ridden, furry feline friends of ours pack a punch in their day to day lives with us, that's the honest truth.

It's okay, we love them for all their highs and lows. Which is precisely why we're just here laughing our rumps off at these cat shenanigans that fellow cat care-takers (human slaves) shared. Consider them reminders that if your healthy cat has been behaving like a butthole lately, you're not alone.

1. Vicious? More like he knows what he wants and what he sure as heck doesn't want.

2. Oh Bea...

3. So simple yet so difficult.

4. Forever loved and respected.


6. A gorgeous terrorist.

7. I, too, nod with respect at this cat ninja's legacy.

8. A sacrifice

9. Sound Advice


11. Love your meanies.

12. A warning to humankind on that face if I've ever seen one.

13. Give her the vanilla goodness she deserves.

14. A worthy oponent for the vet techs.

15. A strict vet protocol

16. Poop: the ultimate weapon

17. Cat Rodeo, that's a good one.

18. How DARE you?

19. Armour and helmets? Nice.

20. Selectively Mean

21. The Hunter

22. Whap, Pap, Bat

23. Smug as heck


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