Strange Medieval Cat Paintings That Will Make You Wonder 'Why?!'

I love cats! I have two kitties, and at least one of them is currently on my lap as I type this article. 

Medieval people must've loved cats too, as they included them in their drawings and paintings a lot. However, it is pretty difficult to draw a cat accurately, and well, some of them did have a bit of a hard time doing so. It was probably a combination of cats not holding still, cats not doing what you want them to do, and the fact that they sometimes tried to give them human faces, but I digress. 

See below for the many representations of cats way back when. Maybe your kitty has a doppelganger!

Human face monkey protects human face cat.

Just hanging out in the garden

Is that a cat on a stake surrounded by cat-lemurs?

Are these cats caring for pets or performing a sacrifice?

Angry cat with human lips?

Stressed out cat

Nothing to see here. Just a rat holding a bird, riding a cat.

BFFs <3

Soaring phoenix cat

This cat is earning its keep by churning some butter.

All of his limbs seem so bendy and rounded...

I don't understand this monkey/cat trend at all.

A mummy and his cat.

At least this makes sense.

Straight. Up. Human. Face.

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